Sunday, July 8, 2012

Win free ticket of Khan vs Garcia match.

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It is notable that we the coming match of that two giant will be held in the 14 the july 2012 . And the  venue is fixed in 14 th july,2012 in Nevada, Las Vegas Along with date also.
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As earlier said wish fire is a virtual organization who are giving you chance to win free ticket specially for them who are looking forwared to watch this match head to head.But this chance is available until 10 th july,2012, In earlier, we are mentioning about as virtual organization

So fans of either garcia or khan. what do you think who will win in this game. Oscar wants to give them 50 50 chance. As a fans of khan and garcia what do you think who will win in the match. Do you want give chance both of them as oscar wants to give them
I am not boxing expert. I am a fan like you. But i want give much credit to Amir khan. From my side, through i am not boxing expert, i want to give some point more for the Amir khan next match. It is quite general for the fan of amir khan.

it is not unusual to for the Garcia fan. I do not want to hurt you guys.
we are boxing fan in general. So we can point out one.Yes Garcia has also chance to win the game but he need to  struggle hard to win this game. Yes Amir khan has possibility to lose this game. If it will be happened, it will be best win for Garcia.
But before it let us wait and see  for the khan vs. Garcialive match. watch and enjoy it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Khan vs Garcia: Who will win

image credit wikipedia
The boxing fan of all over the world must know about the upcoming match of khan and garcia which will be held in the Nevada, Las vegas, united states. And that game will held in Mandalay Bay Resorts & Casino As both are popular and on the rock, so it is hard to predict who will win in this ceremony. Does garcia or it is Amir khan.

Garcia was winning matches with 14 knockouts. It is seeming he is unbeatable . But against of amir what will be the condition of Danny Garcia. Let time say about the scenario. But we can predict as Oscar De La Hoya predict about the match. But he does not predict about any individual boxer rather than he wants to give chance to both of them. I just want to say about  The people who was not known about Oscar De La Hoya. He is one of the most renowned boxer in the world. Oscar win the champion ship multiple time in  his carrear. Moreover, he is the owner of Golden Boy Promotion, an sports promotion agency who is carry their light for khan vs garcia live boxing event.
On the other hand, according oscar, Danny is powerful puncher and  relentless boxer. So he does want saw the amir khan top in that match . Rather than he is telling that both have fifty fifty chance to win this match .
It is needed to stated that Oscar is now working as a promoter of Amir khan.  So what is about the future of khan. Specially when he will suit against the Floyd Mayweather. Oscar said, if that clash will be held it will be great fight between them. 
One think more is that amir khan did get May weather easily .

So We can not predict on single person in the upcoming khan v garcia live match. We can get right result when we see the match only.